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my family


I’m Lisa and I’m 34 although I tell my kids I’m 21 and so far thats what they tell everyone. We live in Bournemouth and absolutely love living by the sea, I was born and bred here and am surrounded by my wonderful family who all live close by. I’ve suffered with a bad back for the last 5 years and have a complicated back story. I started Backnbumps to follow my pregnancy and family life after back surgery.


I’m married to a very patient and understand man called Duncan. He’s great at looking after me and putting up with my grumpiness and general specialness. He runs his own business designing and installing tints and graphics and works very hard.


Will is 9 years old and such a caring little boy, he really looks after me and his siblings. He is in year 5 and working very hard at school. At home he is my Vice-president, he’s far more sensible than the rest, and is so like me. He loves playing football and anything to do with computers.


Ben is 8 years old and absolutely hilarious, he brings so much joy and laughter to our family. He is chief entertainer in our household and does live in a little Benny dreamworld. Ben eats for England and the all you can eat Buffet in Florida was “the best day of my life”. He enjoys playing tennis and football and like his brother loves computers.


Joined our family on New Year’s Day. Recently she’s really starting to develop a great personality. I think she is going to end up ruling the roost if her recent behaviour is anything to go by. She seems to have us all wrapped around her little finger!

Starting BacksnBumps

I started BacksnBumps to share my experiences of pregnancy and parenting after back surgery. When I found out I was pregnant I was scared about how it would affect my back, there was very little information out there. All I could find was a few posts regarding c-sections vs vaginal deliveries and medical websites with a lot of confusing jargon. I can’t be the only woman out there to have the crazy idea of falling pregnant after this kind of back surgery so I decided to create this blog to share my experiences and hopefully help other women like me out there.

If you’d like to contact me for any reason please feel free, I love to hear from other women going through a similar experience.

I am a PR friendly blog and am happy to work with companies, please contact me if you would like me to review anything.

You can reach me by email at lisa@backsnbumps.com

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