Flight cancellation, work & Nan #littleloves


It’s been a busy little week over here. I’m now three weeks back to work after have 15 months off and honestly it feels like I’ve not been away. Will has still be struggling with this horrible illness that seems to be going around at the moment. He now has antibiotics and I got him back to school on Wednesday. So we’ve not really done anything particularly interesting this week.


From a fun perspective I have read a lot of lovely blog posts this week, the blogging community are great and it makes me feel like I’m not alone in this whole motherhood life thing.

From a work perspective I have read a lot of presentations this week. Having so long off work there is an awful lot that I have to catch up on. I’ve been immersed in documents and Powerpoints this week. But on the upside I feel like I’m kind of caught up on work now.


I’ve enjoyed catching up with Death in Paradise on BBC1. I seemed to have missed the start of the new season but luckily my Virgin Box started recording it for me. We are now up to date. It’s a great series to watch, I love a good murder that needs to be solved. How nice would it be to live in a Paradise like that? Especially after all the cold weather we’ve had this week.

I’ve also got to mention this. I watched a great youtube video from Tayla who blogs at Motherhood the Real Deal.┬áMum truths: 10 things I wish I’d known before I became a mum, this is so funny and so true.


I’ve not so much made these but reframed them and had hubby hang them on the wall. These are so precious to me. My Nan was a very talented lady and painted the flower fairies on silk for me when I was a little girl. My mum gave them to me and I have re-framed them and hung them in Darcey’s bedroom. It makes them extra special as Nan didn’t get the chance to meet Darcey and it just brings a piece of her into Darcey’s life.


Ok so not clothing this week from me but instead my headphones. Due to the freezing fog my flight to Leeds was cancelled on Wednesday morning. This meant I had to dial into a 6 hour meeting, this is so difficult to follow when you’re not in the room. Anyway I can’t hold a phone to my ear for that long, I’ve got my Bose in ear headphones that are invaluable.


The joys of Apple Music is variety.

Ben has been playing Back in Black by AC/DC constantly this week, he’s only 8 but I guess it could be worse.

Randomly we also had Defying Gravity on from Wicked the Musical. Will got to see this with daddy a year ago. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever seen.

For me it’s been the radio. I like it on in the background when I work. I need an actual radio though rather than using my phone.

And lastly

A few lovely photos from our week;

I will only walk when I think mummy isn’t looking

Beautiful flowers to brighten up this foggy weather

I’ve found something she’s happy to eat.

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  • Reply Jenny

    Commenting on behalf of myself and Morgana this week: WOW your Nan really was so talented those are beautiful. Loving your photos from the week what a little doll. So adorable! Glad you are back in the swing of work I bet it feels like you never left. That’s always a good sign. Hope you had a good weekend. Thanks for linking up. #littleloves

    February 1, 2017 at 1:06 pm
  • Reply Vicki Coombe

    Those pictures are beautiful – what a lovely thing to be able to treasure….! #littleloves

    January 29, 2017 at 11:09 pm
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