Darcey’s 2 month update


Wow it’s already been 2 months and it’s amazing how much she has changed in such a short space of time. She’s already grown out of her first little sleep suits which has made me a tiny bit sad. I’m keeping them all as there is a great lady on Facebook who makes keepsake bears out of the first sleep suits. I put my name on her waiting list when I found out I was pregnant she has that much demand.

Up until 6 weeks Darcey was still a very sleepy baby and would really only wake to feed. In the last 2 weeks she seems much more alert and is happy to spend time on her play mat. I was also worried she hadn’t smiled, I got lots of serious looks, then at 8 weeks I finally got my longed for smile. I half think that she only smiled to shut me up, so she didn’t have to listen to my lame attempts trying to get her to smile.



Will and Ben are still besotted with Darcey, the novelty hasn’t worn off yet! It’s great to see how gentle they are with her and how much they love her. It’s been really good for the boys to understand they have to be patient with her and considerate. We are making sure that the boys don’t miss out on too much because we have a new baby though. On Saturday we all went to the cinema to see Goosebumps. Hubby thought I was mad taking an 8 week old baby to the cinema, but she was great, she jumped once at a loud noise but other than that sat on my lap and either slept or fed.


We’ve also taken Darcey on her first London trip in half term. She got to go on the London Eye however she was more interested in being fed than the beautiful views! I’m trying to keep life as normal as possible for the boys and that is working for us at the moment.


Her reflux is unfortunately getting worse and we are trying Gaviscon to see if that helps. It’s a nightmare to get it into her but seems to be helping a bit, I think we’ve got a long way to go to work out how best to manage it. Some days I get cried at a LOT, others she is happy and smiley, I just try to be as calm as possible on the Crying Days and eat lots of chocolate!

We still have no routine in the daytime and make things up as Darcey see’s fit. Night time is a different matter and we’ve started to introduce a bedtime as she was getting very upset and agitated at 7pm. After that she wakes 2-3 times during the night for a feed and depending on how the reflux I might need to hold her until the pain goes. I’m very grateful that she know the difference between night and day and will go slightly longer between feeds at night.

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  • Reply squishedblueberries

    It’s amazing how quickly they grow and change isn’t it? My third baby is nearly 3 months and I’ve suddenly noticed that hes not a newborn anymore. Its such a bittersweet feeling

    March 2, 2016 at 10:15 am
    • Reply Lisa

      Yes I like seeing her grow and change but knowing she’s definitely our last baby does make me a bit sad x

      March 3, 2016 at 10:24 am

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