37 weeks pregnant

This post is a little overdue in being published as the little bean arrived just after I started writing this. However I wanted to complete my pregnancy diary as I’m planning to print off all the weekly updates and put them in a little book to give to the bean when she is older.

37 weeks

How the little bean has developed;

  • I now about the size of a watermelon
  • I’m 48.6 cm long and I weigh 6.3lbs now
  • I’m now fully grown and ready to be born
  • My lungs are working well and I’m practising for life when I’m out in the big wide world
  • Mummy you have done a good job of growing me, I can’t wait to meet you.

Mummy update

37 weeks I can’t believe it, when I was first pregnant I was worried that I would never make it this far and now the baby is classed as ready. From the symptoms I’ve been having over the last week as well I think she is ready to be born which is leaving me slightly concerned about the whole labour thing!

Most importantly I got through Christmas Day without her trying to make an appearance although on Boxing Day we were in the Antenatal ward as I was having regular contractions. This only lasted for about 4-5 hours and then they stopped so I was able to go home.

Day to Day life

We’ve had a great Christmas and the boys loved all their presents and seeing all the family. It didn’t really seem like Christmas until the 21st December as we weren’t able to put up the tree or any decorations. We spent Christmas with hubby’s family and it was really fun with lots of games and an amazing amount of yummy food. Only downside was that the baby is so big it doesn’t matter how hungry I feel I just can’t eat very much.

The house was finally finished on Christmas Eve just as hubby planned. I’m so looking forward to actually seeing him again and having quality time as he’s been working so hard getting it all finished. All he’s asked for is a week off before the baby arrives so that he can have a rest.

Health update

Things haven’t really changed from a health perspective this week. The aches and pains I’ve been suffering throughout are continuing. I haven’t heard anything back about the heart monitor I was wearing for a week so am assuming that means that everything is OK.

The baby is so low now that it has become really difficult to move even with crutches. The doctors have offered to increase my Zomorph but I really don’t want to take any more than I have to especially as I know she’s going to arrive soon. So I’ve decided to grin and bear it and just not really do anything. The hope is when baby is delivered that all the problems will disappear.

I was slightly worried she was going to make an appearance on Boxing Day. I was at my dad’s when I started to feel really ill and the contractions started. Hubby took we to the Antenatal Assessment Unit to get checked over, just to make sure all was OK. When I was hooked up to the monitor I was having 2-3 contractions every 10 minutes. As the staff said this could be the start of early labour they decided to keep me in for a few hours to be monitored. Even though I was 36 + 3 they were worried about her arriving before the 37 week ‘term’ date. Luckily after 4-5 hours everything stopped so I convinced them to let me go home so I could have some proper dinner and sleep in my own bed.

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