36 weeks pregnant


How the little bean has developed;

  • I now about the size of a romaine lettuce
  • I’m 47.4 cm long and I weigh 5.78lbs now
  • I’m gaining about ½ a pound a week now until I arrive, putting on my protective fat layer
  • I’m sleeping a lot at the moment so although you feel me moving I’m not doing my somersaults or football practice anymore
  • Did you know my gums have little ridges in them that look a bit like teeth but I won’t actually get my teeth until I’m much bigger.

Mummy update

Wow baby is now sitting low, low ,low at the moment. I’m struggling to believe that my muscles are still managing to hold onto her.What a busy week it has been I don’t know whether I’m coming or going at the moment. I had an appointment with the consultant last week who seems to thing that she’ll be making an early appearance, which is fine now, from the scan she’s a good size so it wouldn’t be the end of the world. I’d just rather it wasn’t on Christmas day!

Things are starting to get a bit more painful now and her movements have decreased from the acrobatics I felt earlier on in the pregnancy but I’m still making sure that she is moving regularly and counting the kicks.

Day to Day life

We are well into Christmas mode now and got the Christmas tree up on Sunday which was great, I’m please we managed to get this up as it wouldn’t have felt like Christmas without it.


The house is 95% done with just a few last little snagging bits to finish but other than that we are all happy. Waiting for a sofa and some home furnishings to be delivered in the new week or so to bring some colour into the room.

It’s nice to have the boys off for Christmas now and we’ve been playing lots of Monopoly, doing crafty bits and pieces and baking. Will is learning how to do cross stitch and make a little father christmas design, this is taking a lot of patience on his part and it’s nice to learn something new.


We still need to finish off bits in the baby’s room but hoping that we’ll get a chance to do this over the new year. She’s not going to be in it for a while and it’s just the pretty decorating items that I need to do. I have now washed everything and packed my hospital bags so if she does come a bit early then I’m all prepared.

Health update

Lot’s has been happening over the last week. I’ve had the heart monitor on for a week which felt like a very long time, it wasn’t too big but I found the sticky pads really itchy, I took it off yesterday to return and now have a big red circle on my chest that is sore and weeping. I don’t think that anything will show up from the tests but I know they have to be cautious. The scan of my heart was OK and the technician said it didn’t look like there were any problems.

Now the baby has dropped really low I’m experiencing a new level of pain. I’m getting quite a lot of cramps and muscular pain through my groin, bottom and tops of my legs. I saw my physio this week and had some acupuncture but I think the only thing that will really help is delivering the baby. My muscles seem to be hanging on to this baby with everything they have at the moment, fingers crossed they can keep holding on for at least another 4 days and then I’ll be happy.

I haven’t experience this type of pain in pregnancy before and it seems more like pain I’ve experienced post back surgery. The cramps in my groin aren’t very nice and if I’m standing up there have been a few occasions I’ve cried out in pain, much to the horror of people around me who panic the baby is coming!

Now the end is insight I’ve started reflecting on the pregnancy and although I’ve been in pain and had issues it hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would have been. Having the back operations has allowed me to have a lot more confidence in my body and also I’m capable of tolerating long term pain with less anger and frustration than I have in the past. Just can’t wait to meet the little bundle of gorgeousness when she arrives.

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