Pregnancy = no shopping for me :-(


Bit of a change in my plans today, I was really looking forward to getting out of the house with my friends and heading to Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth for a bit of Christmas shopping. I did debate whether it was a good idea to go as I’ve been feeling a bit fragile over the weekend and baby has been playing up a bit with Braxton Hicks again. I thought it would be good to go and get out of the house, they have a shopmobility scheme there and I can always just sit in a coffee shop. Also it would get me out of the way of the plasterers finishing off and painting going on at home.

So off I went, hubby was taking the boys to school and I got in my friends car ready to drop her kids off at school, and then off we would go. I made it less than a mile down the road before I had to ask her to pull the car over. My heart was racing, I was struggling to breath and everything was starting to go black. I got out of the car and took my jumper off trying to cool down as I was really hot, even though it was only 1 degrees outside.

At this point we decided it was best that I didn’t go out with them for the day and hubby had to come and get me and take me to the doctors. Everything seems OK with my blood pressure, nothing strange about any of my Obs and it wasn’t like I was doing anything strenuous when I had a funny turn. The GP sent me to the Antenatal Day Assessment Unit to be checked over as I had the braxton hicks at the weekend and a few other symptoms.

Everything looks good with the baby and me, I’m just feeling very tired and fragile still. Once we finished I got home and now spending the afternoon lying down and resting.

Nowhere near as much fun as I should have been having shopping today! Seen as this baby is a girl I would have expected her support for my little shopping trip today. Hubby was probably not too pleased at missing the morning at work but on the upside I haven’t spent any money today… until I start looking at Amazon ….

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    […] Monday I was meant to have a nice day out with the girls for a little shopping trip but got less than a mile down the road before the car had to pull over as I was about to pass out. […]

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