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Hospital Adventure in the Second Trimester

Lots has been happening over the last 10 – 14 days which is why I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog and twitter front. I really do think that when it comes to anything medical related I’m not a straight forward case at all!

About 10 days ago I was experiencing some problems with my pelvis, in truth I didn’t really think much off it and it was more of an inconvenience than anything else. As with my back I just assumed that after a few days of rest that it would get better and life would continue as normal. After 3 days of pain things were actually just getting worse and I really didn’t know what to do, it was a Saturday and I was in a lot of pain and still only taking paracetamol. I was worried about taking anything stronger without talking to the doctor as I don’t want to do anything to harm the baby. On the Saturday morning I called NHS direct who were great and said I needed to be assessed. They offered to send an ambulance which I point blankly refused, after all there’s nothing seriously wrong I was just in a lot of pain.

I managed to get an out of hours GP appointment at Bournemouth hospital which seemed like the best course of action. I assumed I’d go and get a prescription and be home pretty quickly. This was not the case and due to my underlying back issues I think I’m more complicated than the average patient. The doctor I saw was worried it could be the start of cauda equina which is where the base of the spinal cord is getting compressed. As it can be quite serious I was sent over to Poole hospital to see the orthopaedic doctors for an opinion. All in all we were there for about 7 hours which I suppose is not too bad, we agreed that it was most likely a pelvis problem and the doctor would prescribe me paracetamol and codeine and some oramorph to take. Unfortunately after the doctor left he didn’t write up the prescription and at the end of the day I was no better than when I had started!

As the next week progressed I took the paracetamol and codeine regularly but really nothing was touching the pain in my pelvis. I look absolutely ridiculous trying to get around the house using crutches or crawling, my family have duly taken to laughing at me! Last Friday I spoke to the Obstetrician and asked about taking slow release morphine instead of oramorph which he confirmed would be fine. I’ve taken the slow release version before after the back surgery and found that it was really good for pain control without leaving me feeling like my head was all over the place. With the two boys I still have to be able to function and take them to school and activities which I wouldn’t have felt safe doing while I took the oramorph so this seemed the best option.

The weekend went by without much changing, on Sunday we had a quite day at home, the boys and I made soup for lunch which was lovely. In the afternoon Hubby made a big lasagne and some friends stayed for an impromptu dinner which was really nice. After they left I went to relax in the bath which was a job in itself as the bathroom is being tilled and all the tiles were pilled up outside the bath. It was like an obstacle course getting in and out!

I went to bed as normal on Sunday night but at about 12:30am woke up with a massive pain in the top of my abdomen, I took some gaviscon and woke hubby to get me a heat pack to put on the area, luckily I was able to get back to sleep. I woke again at 2:30am in absolute agony hubby woke up to me whimpering on the floor next to the bed. He got me another heat pack, some paracetamol and codeine and another omeprazole tablet. I really felt like there was a stabbing pain in my stomach and in was going to split in two I was struggling to breath and talk, it was agony. After about 30 minutes of this not improving he called NHS Direct who sent the paramedics round to assess me. I was taken into Poole Maternity and put on the antenatal ward. I felt really sorry for my hubby as I insisted he stayed with the boys and not come with me, I didn’t want family and friends woken up in the middle of the night and I was in so much pain there was nothing he could do.

All the staff on the Antenatal ward were amazing, they were so caring and really made me feel at ease. They checked the baby and confirmed she was fine, this was clearly something other than pregnancy related problems. Monday went through in pretty much of a daze as I had a lot of oramorph and codeine to help with the pain. I couldn’t eat or drink anything as the pain of anything going into my stomach was horrific. I couldn’t understand what was causing this as I’d eaten the same as the rest of my family and they were all fine.

On Tuesday morning I had a scan to rule out problems with my kidneys, liver and gallbladder. All of these looked fine and for good measure they checked the baby was well and measured her and the fluid levels. To have the scan I had to be nil by mouth for 12 hours and this actually made me feel better and gave my stomach a rest. I started feeling a lot better and although my stomach is still very sensitive and I’m having to be careful to avoid any fizzy drinks and more importantly chocolate, this is devastating for me!

At least I’m home now and just resting and taking things easy. I’m hoping that I won’t be back in Poole Maternity until this baby is ready to come in the new year.

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  • Reply 6 months pregnant after back surgery –

    […] With both the boys I had awful heart burn from about week 20 and would always have a bottle of Peptac with me. Top tip Peptac is identical to Gaviscon but about a third of the price, just ask your pharmacist for it, saves you a fortune. This time I haven’t suffered from the acid reflux symptoms but from week 7 I’ve had the gastric pain in my stomach and under my ribs. Maybe it’s because my stomach is extra sensitive after taking all the medications for my back over the last 3 years. I’ve been taking omeprazole daily since week 7 and this has pretty much kept it under control apart from the other week and my little hospital trip. […]

    February 2, 2016 at 4:33 pm
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  • Reply El

    Oh no, it does sound like you’re having such a rough time. I had terrible back pain with my #3 and I was actually bed bound for the last three months (I think he was such a big baby pressing into my frame) and I could not walk. Hope you feel better soon.

    October 2, 2015 at 12:27 pm
    • Reply Lisa

      Thanks for you’re support, just hoping things might improve or at least not get any worse! Were you OK after your son was born? x

      October 5, 2015 at 7:35 pm
  • Reply Mama

    Gosh, sounds awful. I had something similar after pregnancy that was also related to my back. I wound up having a micro discetomy a few months later and apparently I’m probably facing a fusion a few years down the road. Any advice? Best of luck, get well soon xxx

    October 2, 2015 at 8:38 am
    • Reply Lisa

      Sorry to hear you’re not having much luck with your back. The fusion made a massive difference to my life not sure I’d have coped without having it. It was a long recovery but you just need to make sure you have lots of help around and get a really good physio, this made the world of difference to my recovery after the second OP. xx

      October 2, 2015 at 9:27 am

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