19 Weeks Pregnant

19 weeks

How the little bean has developed;

  • I’m now the size of a grapefruit
  • I’m 15.3cm long from crown to rump
  • I weigh 8.47oz, that’s ½ a lbs, I weigh more than the placenta now
  • My skin is now covered in vernix which protects me skin while I’m in your belly
  • I look more like a real baby and my arms and legs are in proportion
  • I stay awake for about 6 hours each day, don’t worry when I’m born I’ll make sure I’m awake all the time!

Mummy update

Most exciting new is that we found out at an early gender scan that we are having a little girl. The whole family is very excited and the boys are over the moon at having a sister. Look at the gorgeous little bits our friends have given us, I think I’m going to go a bit pink mad!


I’ve been feeling more little fluttering movements inside me, I read on one of my pregnancy apps today that the little movements that I’ve been feel is called ‘quickening’, little fact of the week.
My bump is starting to become more prominent and it’s becoming much more difficult to wear normal clothes, so I’ve had to invest in some comfy maternity jeans.

Day to Day life

I’ve had some time off work over the last week while the boys are coming to the end of their summer holidays, it’s been really nice to relax around the house more and just chill out with them. We went to the Bournemouth Airshow last Friday and had a great time watching all the displays over the sea.
Then on Saturday we watched my husbands oldest friend get married to his beautiful fiancée. They’ve been friends since they were 7 and it was an amazing day.

As if being pregnant isn’t enough to contend with I’ve also been planning an extension to the house! Of course I’m insisting that this needs to be finished before the baby is born, I’m not demanding at all. We’re just waiting for planning approval and trying to get quotes in from all the trades people we will need. Maybe I’m being a bit unrealistic to expect it to be done in 12 weeks!

Back update

My back has been holding up really well over the last week and I haven’t had many twinges at all that have caused me to stop in my tracks. The more immediate problem seems to be my pelvis and pubic bones. By the late afternoon and into the evening I’m struggling to walk, my friend very kindly pointed out that I’m walking like John Wayne!

I’m wearing the maternity belt when I go out although this does in turn cause some pain in my hip. What I finding makes the most difference is using crutches to walk, I walk with one foot forward and alternate arm so I can try and keep as much of a normal walking pattern as possible.

There’s not really anything that can help fix the pubic pain, it’s a real bone pain rather than a muscular pain. I’m just taking it easy and trying to keep my legs together as much as possible. When I get in the car I put my bottom in first and then swing my legs in after me, this is fine as long as we’re not parked in a tiny little car parking space!

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