18 weeks pregnant update

18 weeks bump

How the little bean has developed;

  • I’m now the size of a pepper
  • I’m 14.2cm long from crown to rump
  • I weigh 6.7oz and in just a month I will be 6 times the size I am now!
  • I’ve been practising breathing this week if you could see me my chest is moving
  • I can now hear you talking and telling off my big brothers

Mummy update

The most exciting thing that has happened this week is I definitely felt the baby move yesterday. As I have an anterior placenta I didn’t really expect to feel this for another couple of weeks.

I’ve been very emotional this last week. The boys think that I have finally gone crazy as I can cry at the slightest thing! I’ve had some episodes of feeling a bit lightheaded and funny over the last week which isn’t usual for me. When I had my midwife check on Friday my BP was 100/58 which she said was on the low side. The midwife advised me to drink more water to improve it, I wasn’t aware of this but good advise so I’m trying to drink more.

Also we’re finding out if we’re having a boy or girl this week so very excited to share that news soon.

Day to Day life

We’ve spent a lot of time around the house this last weekend doing crafty bits and pieces and building all those lego kits that the boys get for birthday’s and Christmas. It’s been really nice to spend some time at home rather than running about here, there and everywhere. The boys and I went to a local pottery cafe on Monday as well and spent nearly 3 hours painting some tiles which was great fun. At first I said I would just help them with their designs but it looked so much fun I couldn’t resist.

Other achievement for the week is I’ve almost finished the back to school shopping, woo hoo!

Back update

My back has been much better this week. I had physio twice last weeks to sort out the numbness feeling in my leg and this really helped, I feel a lot straighter and more aligned. Since Thursday I’ve had no unusual feeling in my leg or any real pain to complain off in my back.

However I have already started to experience SPD symptoms. My pubic bones have been really hurting and there isn’t really a lot that can be done about this. I’m wondering if I’m feeling this pain so early because of the fusion. When I had the second op my surgeon did comment that my pelvis was a weird shape and he had fused it back as best as possible but he was surprised how little room there was and that I’d had 2 children with ‘normal’ deliveries.

So with this in mind I was expecting to experience some SPD pain, I had this with Ben from week 30, I just wasn’t expecting it this early. I’ve discussed this with my physio who says I have to become super ladylike and keep my legs together! I’ve also been relying on crutches to get around as it’s becoming too painful to walk.

The way I look at it is the pain is going to be worth it in the end. There’s nothing I can really do to change it so I’m trying to stay positive and get on with it.

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