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Pregnancy isn’t so much fun!

Sometimes pregnancy isn’t so much fun. I feel guilty saying this and grateful that I am pregnant and haven’t had the struggles that so many other couples have. Also I know my baby is OK and healthy, do I really have a right to complain?

It’s a time of very mixed emotions, one minute I’m happy and fine, the next the world is ending, or so it seems. Thursday I just felt generally ill, lack or sleep and round ligament pains meant that I was grumpy, tired and sore. At the moment I have about 4-5 hours sleep each night despite the fact the my body clearly needs more than this. Not only am I getting ligament pains if I move suddenly, I’m getting them constantly and all through the night. I ended up using a heat pack and lying this on my left side at about 4am just to get back to sleep.

Also had the first major stumbling block with my back on Thursday night. I woke up in the middle of the night with a dead leg, once I got up and moved around I had reduced sensation in my right calf. Clearly something wasn’t right, a nerve was being pushed upon and it was like constant pins and needles. I’ve had this before but only when walking or standing and never when sitting or lying down. Try as I might I just couldn’t relieve the sensations, I even started prodding around my back looking for any trigger points and couldn’t find any.

I thought it best to see a GP on Friday morning just to get some advice as the reduced feeling in my calf wasn’t getting any better. I saw a different GP and really wished I hadn’t bothered, first of all she told me to take any medicines I want including anti-inflammatories. When I pointed out I was pregnant and the consultant wasn’t happy with the effects these would have on the baby she didn’t really want to know and told me to speak to the spinal consultant. Please ladies double check anything your GP says if you don’t think it’s correct there are certain medicines you really shouldn’t take. You also want to make sure you fully understand the side effects any medications may have on the baby so you can offset the pros and cons. There will come a time when I have to take medication that will effect the baby but I would rather have all the information so I can make an informed decision.

In the end I rang the physio’s and they were much more helpful. They recommended max dose of paracetamol, alternate heat and ice packs and I went and picked up a maternity belt. Also I might be using crutches if things don’t get any better. This has definitely helped and the sensation has returned to my calf, just a sore back now which I can manage.

See pregnancy hasn’t been much fun the last few days!

But I don’t like to moan, there has been some good bits.

  • Firstly because I’m pregnant I have managed to eat quite a few doughnuts and ice lollies the last few days, as if I need an excuse.

  • Secondly I really haven’t been well enough to do the ironing, instead my friend took the boys and I to a park and I got to sit there, chat and watch them play.

  • Thirdly on Friday afternoon we just chilled and watched a movie together, no computers, phones or distractions just quality family time.

  • Lastly the weather has picked up and we got to spend the day relaxing on the beach. I’m loving my new beach trolly that turns into a lounger – much more comfortable than sitting unsupported on the sand!

So life is not all bad, still taking it a day at a time, what else can you do. I’ve got the crutches ready in case I need them. We’re off on a family trip to London for two days tomorrow so that’s really exciting. Trying to fit fun times in before I get bigger and find it more difficult to travel!


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