16 weeks pregnant today


How the little bean has developed;

  • I’m now the size of an avocado
  • I’m 11.6cm long from crown to rump
  • I weigh 3.53oz, that’s 70% more than last week
  • I’m becoming much more active and moving and stretching inside mummy.
  • My ears and eyes are now almost in their final position.
  • I’ve started growing toenails.
  • My hands can now grasp things, be good mummy or I might tug my cord and tell you off.
  • My heart is pumping around 28 litres of blood each day.

Mummy update

Generally been feeling a bit low this last week, I think lack of sleep is behind this. Although the sickness is getting better I’ve been feeling more tired and having to have a few early evening naps. The pregnancy hormones have most definitely kicked in this week and I have something of a short fuse. I’m trying not to snap at every little thing, it’s like having PMT but 10 times worse at the moment!

Day to Day life

It’s been a busy week last week, on my days off we actually got some nice weather and made it to the beach. Also this weekend I had a little shopping trip to have a nose around the baby department in John Lewis. So many lovely things that I want to buy, but I’m being good until we find out if we’re having a boy or a girl. Also I want to be careful and not buy anything until we have the 20 week scan and make sure everything is ok with the little bean.

Technically I could have an early gender scan now to find out. There’s been lots of guessing and conversations in our house, I’m desperate to know right now (because I’m so patient)! However hubby wants to wait until 20 week scan on 4th September. I have complete respect for those mummies who chose not to find out and have an amazing surprise at the end. I started off saying I wasn’t going to find out but everyone who knows me just laughed at the thought I’d wait the whole 40 weeks.

I’m trying to convince hubby for an earlier scan and also thinking of exciting ways we can announce the gender to the boys. Closer to finding out I’ll do a little video covering all the old wives tales and see if I can get friends, family and all the lovely blog readers to guess.

Back update

It’s been a bit of a struggle the last week. I find that we general health and wellbeing affects how my back feels, so if I’m feeling under the weather then my back will start hurting more. The last week everyday activities have been feeling more difficult, I’m starting to get out of breath more often just climbing the stairs at work and feeling much more tired.

On my little shopping trip on Sunday my back was playing up and just walking around the shops was painful. I was OK to walk for around 15 minutes but after that my lower back really started to hurt. I had to find places to sit down and have coffee before I could continue. I haven’t discussed this with my doctor yet and I’m still just taking the paracetamol, while I can manage I’ll just continue as long as I can without extra pain relief.

Work is also becoming more uncomfortable, I’m working slightly longer hours during the summer holidays to compress my hours into less days. Sitting at my desk all day is hurting my lower back. At the end of the day it feels like there is lots of pressure and my sitting bones feel like they’re hurting when they move.

So currently focusing on taking the paracetamol regularly and using heat packs on my lower back.

The effects on my back are still manageable and so far I’m not in an much pain as I expected to be at this stage of the pregnancy. I’m going to make the most of this and do what I can until I’m unable too.

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