15 Weeks Pregnant Today



How the little bean has developed;

  • I’m now the size of a pear
  • I’m 10.1cm long from crown to rump
  • I weigh 2.47oz
  • I can now rub my eyes, yawn and blink.
  • My eyelashes and eyebrows are growing.
  • I┬ácan now grab hold of the cord.
  • I can also hear sounds now, so keep me entertained.

Between work and the boys being on summer holidays these initial weeks are flying by, it doesn’t feel like I’ve been pregnant for 15 weeks. With a busy life going on and little time to myself I’m finding that I need to consciously make sure I am looking after myself properly.

Healthy Eating

The ‘morning’ sickness is finally disappearing, I hope, and I’ve only been sick a handful of times over the last week. This is my chance to now make sure that I start to eat a proper balanced diet to keep both myself and the baby healthy. With a busy life I’m guilty of grabbing some go ahead biscuits in the morning as I run out of the door and this is meant to be breakfast. Then depending on my work day and back to back meetings I’m lucky to get 10 mins for lunch before 2pm. This generally means by the evening that I’m feeling pretty rubbish.

To improve things I’m going to make sure that I get up 10 mins earlier and eat breakfast before I leave the house. I really like greek yoghurt, granola, fruit and honey, this should set me up until lunch time. Also in my work calendar I’m going to block out 30 mins each day for lunch at 12:30 so that I get a chance to leave my desk and get something nice to eat.

Dinners are fine my husband is a fantastic cook, far better than me, and he actually says he likes cooking. I’m eating a lot of dinners with fish or chicken and new potatoes and veg to make sure I’m getting my five a day. Then at around 9pm it’s time for that little piece of chocolate or an ice lolly to finish the day off, well it’s no fun being good all the time.

Back update

I’ve had a few aches in the lumber region this week, where I had my back surgery and some aches in my left calf. Luckily I’ve been able to manage this with paracetamol and it hasn’t affected my day to day life. When I look in the mirror my pelvis is slightly off and down on my left hand side. I was wearing flip flops and sandals at the weekend that didn’t help this. When I wear my trainers I can put in orthotics to keep my feet in the right position and a small heel raise in the left shoe which helps level out my pelvis. I know that I should wear trainers everyday but sometimes it’s just easier to slip on some sandals, or trainers don’t go with the outfit. I usually pay for this decision the next day!

When I’m sat a work I need to make more of an effort to get up and move around. Yesterday I felt like I was sat at a desk constantly for hours as I was engrossed in a piece of work and on the phone for most of the day. After lunch I had a real ache in the coccyx area, it felt like a lot of pressure when I sat down and was uncomfortable when I got up and moved. In order to make sure I move more I’ve started using one of those fitness brands that vibrate every 30 minutes to remind me it’s time to move.

The bump is still relatively small at the moment so the extra weight isn’t causing any problems with my back yet. My centre of gravity still feels pretty normal and I’m trying to make sure when I’m walking that I stand up tall and straight without swaying forward. Wearing the correct footwear helps with this. WhenI’m at work I have an orthopaedic chair and I ensure that I’m sat correctly with my back supported and not leaning forward sat on the edge of the chair.

I’m starting to get some ligament pains around the lower part of my bump as it starts to grow and and expand. I think this is happening so early because this is the third pregnancy and my body is remembering what it has to do. It mainly happens if I stand up or twist to quickly and I just need to give myself some more time and be a bit more careful in these types of movements.

Overall things are progressing well, nothing too bad to complain about and certainly not experiencing the level of pain that you would usually experience when your back flares up. I’m fully aware that with pregnancy things change and move as the baby grows and so far everything I’ve been feeling is relatively normal. I’ve achieved this by having a good action plan for this pregnancy, I know a lot more about my back and what can aggravate it. I’m being more considered about how I move and what I do. I also have regular catch ups with my physio to sort out any problems within 48 hours of experiencing them.

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