How did you announce you were pregnant?

It’s so exciting finding out your pregnant, well not the peeing on a stick part. But waiting to see those 2 little pink lines appear. To be honest I was shocked, I only did the pregnancy test as I was a few days late and didn’t really expect to get a positive response. I was so excited I wanted to tell everyone, I’m not great at keeping a secret! It was a struggle to wait for the end of the day when Duncan was home from work and the kids were fast asleep.

So then we spent the next 8 weeks trying to keep it quiet. We told our parents quite early on and they were over the moon. Also I had to tell my best friends as I was running out of excuses why I wasn’t drinking frozen mojitos or any other type of cocktail anymore!

I needed to have an early scan to make sure baby was in the correct place and at 6 weeks it looked the right size and there was a little heart beat which looked really positive. With this in mind we told the boys when I was 8 weeks pregnant. This was the best bit as they are so excited about have a new baby in the house. I hope the reality lives up to their expectations. Each week we look at the pregnancy+ app and look at how big the baby is and how it has changed over the last week. This really makes them feel part of the whole process.

Then we needed to think about how we would announce it to the rest of our friends and family which we decided to do after our 12 week scan. I love seeing all the interesting ways people announce their exciting news. Recently I saw a family who announced it to Brittany Spears songs how amazing is the video below
Now bearing in mind I can’t sing for toffee I didn’t want to put anyone through this torture.

We decided to go down a family picture route and I found these great Dr Seuss T shirts;


Look at this great link below to see some really creative ways to announce you’re pregnant;

Great ways to announce your pregnant

Would love to see some comments of how you announced your pregnancy.

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