100 days pregnant


Woo Hoo today I am 100 days pregnant or 14 weeks. I’m actually surprised at how quickly the first trimester has passed. I don’t feel like I’ve been pregnant for this long but then I guess we don’t really count the first 28 days do we.

I can see a little baby bump starting to form now, well at least my trousers are now getting very tight especially when I sit down. Although from the picture above it looks more like I just indulged in too many cakes recently! Still I’m not complaining, I’m going to make the most of still being able to see my feet, touch my toes and more importantly being able to paint my toe nails.

So how has the first 100 days been?

Well this time around I’ve had some serious morning sickness. I don’t remember being this sick with either of the boys. I might have felt a bit nauseous but I could have counted on my fingers how many times I was actually sick. Not so lucky this time round I’m afraid. Sickness seems to start in the morning and then end whenever it feels like. Often I’m OK for a few days and think that I’ve finally passes that stage only for it to reappear with a vengeance. Still the worse I feel the better the baby is doing, or at least that’s what the midwife says.

My back

Surprisingly my lower back has survived reasonably unscathed over the first trimester. I had a little blip around week 11. I’m not sure what I did but the muscles went into spasm and just wouldn’t release. Usually I find with my back if I get up and get on with life it will start easy and some gentle walking helps get everything moving again. Not this time unfortunately. For 2 days I just didn’t want to move and sitting down was extremely painful. This is the first time my back has ‘gone’ when I’ve not been able to reach for the trusted painkillers. Instead to manage the pain I started alternating ice and heat packs and taking regular paracetamol. I went to see my physio who did some deep tissue massage and some acupuncture which really helped and within a few days I was back to normal, well normal for me anyway!


I’ve also been suffering from quite a few headaches in the early stages of pregnancy. In my experience migraines and headaches are one of the worst types of pain to be in. I can’t take the usual medicine for my migraines and can really only take paracetamol which to be honest does nothing. In week 11 the migraine I got was so bad that I couldn’t stop be sick. I visit to the doctor and an anti-sickness injection sorted that out. At least after that I was able to stay hydrated enough to fight off the migraine. ¬†Since then I’ve had frequent headaches, usually on one side of my head and often at the back of my skull and neck. To be honest I think a lot of it has a lot to do with my back. Apparently I’m a bit wonky and my pelvis isn’t straight which is messing up the top part of my back and probably causing the headaches.

To cope with the headaches I’ve been using a heat pack across the back of my head and neck. The pharmacist recommended taking soluble paracetamol as it works quicker, when I can keep it down. The next simple fix I try is a cup of coffee. I’ve also been gently massaging the back of my scalp where I’m feeling the pain trying to find any trigger points. When I find the point a gently press into that one area and take some deep breaths until the pain dissipates.


Other than those few issues I’ve actually enjoyed the first trimester, it hasn’t been as bad as I expected! I’ve certainly been a lot nicer this time round. When I was pregnant with the boys I was a horrible hormonal pregnant lady, woe betide anyone who got in my way. This time I’ve been making a conscious effort to stay nice to those around me.

I’ve also been much more relaxed during this pregnancy, which surprises me as this is a high risk pregnancy. After¬†all the medical issues that I’ve been through over the last three years, I know my body is capable of amazing things and I’m a much stronger person. I’m more prepared to deal with pregnancy this time around, I know that I’ll be able to get through whatever issues I experience in the next 6 months.

Positive outlook

I’m trying to be a positive person I don’t know what is going to happen over the next 6 months. I’m taking each day at a time and trying to put plans in place should my back start suffering. The medical staff I’ve seen have been really supportive and assured me that they’ll be there when I need them. It’s this positive planning that’s putting my mind at ease.

One thing I do know for definite is that it doesn’t matter how much this ends up hurting me. I know that when I hold the new little baby in my arms that it will all be worth it.

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