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Review of Konfidence Baby Swimwear

A few months ago the lovely team at Konfidence sent me the Babywarma and Neonappy to review. I was really excited about giving these a try with Darcey. We are going to Center Parcs and I was worried how she would cope staying warm in the swimming pool.


Having two older boys who are 7 & 8 we spend a lot of time swimming or by the beach. I’m really keen to get Darcey in the water and enjoying it asap. When I had the boys I found they got cold so quickly in swimming pools. We would only spend about 5 minutes in the water before the screaming started and it was a race to get dry and dressed.


The Neonappy can be worn over a disposable swim nappy to create a double layer, which is swim school approved. It’s designed to make sure that anything ‘solid’ doesn’t escape into the swimming pool. Something I wished we’d had when Will was a baby and the swimming pool had to be evacuated once! Oooppps.

It’s made of neoprene and stretchy Lycra at the hems, this means that it help keeps baby warm as well. I think there is definitely a knack to getting this on to the baby. After a couple of goes it’s easy enough and it needs to fit sunggly to work well. What I like about it is that it’s soft inside and there were no seams that can rub against her soft skin leaving a rash.



The Babywarma is a little baby wetsuit made from 2mm neoprene and designed to keep baby warm whilst in the water. It’s a great design and really easy to put on the baby as the Velcro fastening means you can lie it out flat to put it on.

This made a huge difference to keeping Darcey in the swimming pool. The boys spend hours in the swimming pool at Cente Parcs and it’s not known for being the warmest of pools. I thought we’d be lucky if we could keep Darcey in for 5 minutes before she’d get too cold. With the Babywarma we managed to keep her in the pool for 20 minutes and she was happy and content.


We’re looking forward to starting baby swim sessions and I’m confident that she’ll be able to stay warm and happy in the water during the lessons. I’d definitely recommend if you’re thinking of taking a little one swimming.


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  • Reply Lynda @ Toddler Baby World

    Thank you very much. This article adds to my knowledge and very helpful!

    October 13, 2016 at 3:58 pm
  • Reply Mads

    Looks a lot better than the disposable ones you get in the supermarket! x

    September 2, 2016 at 1:55 pm
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