34 weeks pregnant


How the little bean has developed;

  • I now about the size of a butternut squash
  • I’m 45 cm long and I weigh 4.73lbs now
  • Most of the tiny hair (lanugo) has now disappeared from my body as I can control my temperature now
  • My digestive system is working really well now thanks to all the practising I’ve been doing
  • Mummy I am weeing a lot, up to 1 pint a day, I hope you’ve bought lots of nappies …
  • I like listening to you and my brothers reading nighttime stories everyday, it makes me happy and I move a lot to tell you

Mummy update

This update is a bit late coming as I’ve been feeling under the weather this week and both Ben and I have had a stinking cold. I’ve been relying on paracetamol and hot water with honey & lemon to get me through as I can’t take any kind of decongestant.

I’m sure the baby is moving lower down into my pelvis now as I’ve started to get some different aches and pains and she feels like she could be engaging soon.

I haven’t had any more funny turns in the last week which has been good and maybe cutting out the caffeine has been really good for me, I didn’t think that a few cups of tea a day would really make much difference.

Day to Day life

We’ve been getting very excited about Christmas in this house, the elf on the shelf has been causing all sorts of mischief around the house and the boys are so excited to see what he’s been up to each day. We still can’t put up our Christmas tree or decorations as we are waiting for the new floor to be put down, I think we’ll get them up a few days before Christmas.


Ben took part in his last lower school nativity and was a roman soldier. The whole lower school did really well and put on a great performance to a packed church, the kids were only aged 3 – 7. Will is in the upper school so his carol service is next week and then they will be finishing school for Christmas.

The building work is nearly finished and we’re aiming to get it all finished by 21st December so that hubby can actually enjoy Christmas and everyone can have a rest. I keep joking with him that as soon as it’s finished the baby will arrive early and then there will be no rest at all!

Health update

I went back to the hospital for a check up after the funny turn and missed heartbeats I had. I had some more blood tests done and they all came back fine, no thyroid problems so I’ve been told to stay clear of caffeine until they get to the bottom of what’s happening. I was meant to have a heart rate monitor put on for 24 hours but they’ve decided to put one on for a week so I have to go back to have this done. I’m not overly concerned about this and having been feeling a bit better since I’ve stopped having caffeine.

I’m sure the baby is dropping as I’ve been feeling more pain in my pelvis and lower back. I had an appointment with my physio to try and ease the back symptoms but I think that it’s more of a case of the baby’s position than anything else.

Otherwise it’s just been this stinking cold that’s got me feeling under the weather, although at least I’m getting it out of the way now so I should be better in time for Christmas and all the festive fun.

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