Half term round up

It’s been lovely to have the boys at home with me this week and keep me company, I am getting very bored at the moment. On the whole they have been very good and have been helping look after me, I’m sure they’ve only tried to kill each other a handful of times and there have been no serious injuries, so all in all a successful week.

I was a bit concerned about how I’d cope this week as I’m struggling to look after myself let alone the boys but this week they’ve proved just how grown up and helpful they can be. This is how our week has shaped up;


OK so started with a slight disaster when the piercing scream came from downstairs before 8am in the morning. The kind of scream that you dread as a parent, I was in bed and the boys were having breakfast, hubby came running out of the bathroom and even I moved at speed I didn’t think possible to see what had happened. Ben was lying on the sofa clutching his foot, apparently he was stood on a dining chair sticking something on the door when the chair started to wobble so he jumped off hurt his foot and then the chair fell of it. (This is a very Ben thing to do). After a cuddle and an ice pack he seemed OK a bit of bruising but when I bribed him with sweets he was able to walk so clearly nothing was broken.

We got homework done and out of the way, I know if I put it off I’ll only regret it. Will had to make a leaflet on fair trade chocolate which was actually really fun. We researched it together and then went to the supermarket to buy some fair trade chocolate, this way we could stick the wrappers on the leaflet and we’d have to eat the chocolate, Win Win.




I had my consultants appointment this morning so the boys and I went off the the hospital it’s always a complete nightmare to park and we made the appointment just in time. They were very good and quietly played on Ipads whilst I spoke to the consultant, he asked them what they were playing and I hoped it might be educational, Minecraft and skateboarding don’t quite fit into this category but at least they were very well behaved.

On the way out there was a charity cake sale so we all sat down and had a slice of cake, Ben managed to get the biggest slice imaginable, I think the lady looked at him and though ahh sweet little skinny boy. If only she knew how much he actually eats on a daily basis, it’s more than me!

Then we stopped off at the Home Bargains store on the way home, love this shop, and got some bits and pieces for the Halloween on Saturday.


The boys had a play date in the afternoon at a friends house so I managed to get some rest in, I tried to do the ironing, but even standing to do this is painful and tiring, I’m feeling a bit useless at the moment.


In the morning we met some friends for coffee and cake, I do this a lot at the moment as it’s just about the only outing I can manage, plus any excuse to eat cake is a bonus. The staff in the local coffee one must think that I have no life at all!

In the afternoon hubby came home from work a bit early and we rented Hotel Transylvania 1, the boys had seen this but we hadn’t and we wanted to watch it before we went to the cinema to see the new film. It was really nice to all sit down together and watch the movie, life seems so busy at the moment with the building work that I can’t remember the last time we all sat down together to do this. Hopefully once the building works are finished we’ll be able to do it more often.

For dinner we took the kids to McDonalds, as we don’t have much of a kitchen and our fridge is freezing all food this is quite a frequent trip at the moment. Feeling like a bad mum and planning on double helping of fruit and veg when we get a new kitchen in a months time.


This morning it was off to the phsyio for some acupuncture and massage to help sort out the pain in my back. The boys were really well behaved and sat playing Ipads for half an hour which was great for them and me. I do feel guilty having to take them to the appointments with me but I’m so grateful I can trust them to sit there quietly.

After lunch we went to watch Hotel Transylvania 2 in 3d at the cinema. It was a great film and the kids loved watching it in 3d as a treat. Usually I don’t like paying the extra money but as they’ve been so good this week and we haven’t really gone out much I though they could pick. The staff at Empire Cinemas were great and helped my to my seat and helped the boys carry the popcorn, it’s really difficult on crutches but once I was in there I was fine. I would definitely recommend going to see the film it’s hilarious and I enjoyed it as much as the boys.


So this wasn’t a great day for me. I’d been in severe pain since Wednesday night and was unsure I’d be able to do anything. I had to go to have my 28 week blood test at the doctors and the midwife felt I should go to the hospital to be checked over.

We were meant to be going to All Fired Up so the boys could paint some pottery, my friend came to the rescue and took the boys for me. I felt really bad as Ben was crying that he couldn’t go and didn’t want to come to the hospital with me. I dropped the boys off with my friend and am looking forward to seeing what they made when it’s all ready in a weeks time, she said they had a great time and I was a bit jealous as I love going and painting something myself. Then she took the boys to Wagamamas for lunch so they had a fantastic time.

Hubby came home from work to take me to the hospital, they baby seems fine all moving nicely and a good heartbeat so we weren’t there for too long. Then he picked them up in time to take them for a swim. I think this has definitely been the best day of their holiday.


Happy Halloween everyone.

Today is pumpkin carving day, we actually got the pumpkins on Monday but just haven’t got round to carving them. What do you think of our attempts?


In the afternoon we’re going to our neighbours for a Halloween party. I think the dads are watching the rugby world cup final in one room whilst we play some games with the kids in another room. The boys are so excited and all dressed up ready to go.


What have you all been up too over the half term?

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