21 weeks pregnant


How the little bean has developed;

  • I’m now the size of a cantaloupe melon
  • I’m 26.7 cm and I weigh 12.7oz now, that’s like 3 hamburgers!
  • I look pretty much as I will do when I’m born just a lot smaller
  • I’m moving more now and daddy will soon be able to feel me
  • I’ve been sucking my thumb, yawning and kicking a lot this week.
  • I’ve grown my eyelashes and eyebrows now.

Look at what I could look like, photo from the Pregnancy+ app


Mummy update

I’ve really cut down on activities this week and been more careful and considered about what I’m doing. This means that I’ve had more energy and generally felt a bit better over the last week.

The little bean is now moving a lot more now and I’m feeling lots of kicks at various times in the day. Daddy got to feel her kick for the first time on Sunday which was really special. The boys haven’t felt her kick yet as she seems to move more when I’m quiet and relaxed, clearly when they’re asleep!

Day to Day life

The boys are now back to school and I’m getting back into the routine of work although it’s quiet without them around the house it’s nice to get back to some sort of normality.

The kittens were spayed and neutered this week, I felt so mean dropping them off and even more mean putting on their collars when they got home. At least the vet gave us a blue and pick one! They don’t look very happy …


No more progress on the baby’s room yet it’s still my office and just a dumping ground at the moment so most of the little baby bits I’ve got are pilled in the corner. We did get planning permission on our extension yesterday so I’m getting together all my ideas and it’s got to be finished by Christmas, so no pressure then! Slightly worried about living without a kitchen and the back wall of the house being boarded up in the winter, need to get some warm clothes.

Back update

My back and pelvis have been feeling a bit better this week since I’ve cut back on daily activities. As long as I don’t rush around anywhere and do too much walking I can just about get by without crutches.

Also the consultant advised that I should cut back my hours at work so I’ve been working 4 hours a day and being pretty flexible around meetings. This has worked really well this week, not sitting at my desk for long periods of time has meant I haven’t felt the pressure in the base of my spine. Hopefully I can continue on at work longer if I keep this working pattern which makes me feel less useless!

I do feel like I’ve lost all the muscle tone that I’d built up by doing pilates prior to falling pregnant. Also my back seems to arch more in the middle than normal due to bump getting bigger. It’s more uncomfortable now to pull in my stomach muscles and pelvic floor when walking as the baby seems to get in the way.

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  • Reply Sarah Howe (@RunJumpScrap)

    Aww you look so gorgeous and that bump is so cute. Broody now. Glad you are managing to feel a bit better now you are taking it a bit easier. You really do have to look after yourself! Hope the two cats are ok! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst and see you again xx

    September 13, 2015 at 9:20 pm
    • Reply Lisa

      Thanks Sarah. I think the cats have now forgiven me! Yes I keep being told to look after myself more it’s just so hard as I want to do and please everyone! x

      September 14, 2015 at 5:57 pm

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