It looks like we’re having a …

This has been a really exciting week and suddenly the whole being pregnant thing seems a lot more real and exciting. Up until this point I’ve just been feeling a bit rubbish because of this little bean inside me that I can’t see but know it’s there. It’s been reassuring to have the 12 week scan and actually see the baby on the screen and also to hear the heartbeat at the midwife appointment.

I do find being pregnant very strange though during the first 4 months, I feel like my body is changing but I can’t feel this little person growing inside of me. The shape of my body is changing and I’m coming out of that in between stage where normal clothes don’t fit and maternity clothes are to big.

Two things have changed in the last week that have really made a difference.

  1. I felt the baby move for the first time, it felt like a little flutter and I’m gradually feeling this on a daily basis. Because my placenta is at the front this time the movement seem very slight but I now that the baby is OK and it makes it feel more real.

  2. We had our gender scan…

I asked friends, family, and readers of BacksnBumps to guess whether they though it was going to be a girl or a boy. Final counts in from everyone was 25 for a girl and 10 for a boy (no pressure then!). We went through the old wives tales last week and the outcomes were almost a 50:50 split. I was convinced we’re having a boy and hubby was convinced we were having a girl. Well one of us was going to be right.


The gender scan was fantastic, Duncan and I went along to a local BabyBond centre and they spent time going through the scan and looking the baby over. I was so excited to find out what sex the baby was it means that I can start to imagine what the baby will be like when it’s born. The sonographer was confident that we’re having a little girl and took her time to show us all the different parts of the baby. We also got to see her in a 3d image although she was a bit camera shy and didn’t really want to show her face! Let’s hope that she was right with her guess and that they don’t suddenly see something else at the 20 week scan.


We told the boys on Friday night that they were going to get a little sister and they were over the moon. They said they wanted it to be a girl but thought it was going to be a boy. They are imagining that a little girl will be able to look after them and get things for them when she is bigger. I have pointed out that it’s more likely she’ll be a diva and have them wrapped around her little finger!


Now I feel that this is all more real, after 2 boys it’s going to be a steep learning curve to have a girl. Also Ben will be 7 when she’s born so I’m wondering if I’ll even remember what I’m meant to do with a newborn again. Let’s hope it all comes flooding back and she is born happy and healthy.

I’ve now got the next 5 months to have the multiple arguments over potential names that I know I’m going to have with Duncan. We have very different views on girls name so this will be interesting. I’m going to have great fun buying all the baby bits that we need and I’m sure there will be a lot on my list.

And the most fun thing is that I can daydream about what she’s going to look like when she’s born and what kind of personality she has. Hopefully the best bits of both of us and fingers crossed that she’s going to like sleeping!

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    Woohoo I guessed correctly!! HUGE Congratulations to you all 🙂 x

    August 23, 2015 at 6:35 pm
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