Our Crafty Weekend

We’ve had a fun time being creative and crafty this weekend. Well at least this is as creative as it gets in our household, I get stuck trying to draw stick people!

We started off with a dinosaur day on Saturday, Ben got a big dinosaur egg from the Natural History Museum on Monday and it’s been in water most of the week waiting for it to hatch. On Saturday it started making it’s appearance and out popped Steggy the Stegosaurs. I have to say this is a great little toy and really good for kids that are learning about dinosaurs at school or want a little ‘pet’. I’m all for easy to care for pet’s and Ben absolutely loves this one.

IMG_6538  IMG_6537

Then we move on to our excavation techniques. The boys actually got these kits for Christmas and I found them again when I was tidying their rooms last week. It’s one of those things I put off for a rainy day and then we don’t get round to doing it. Ben and I started his first as Will was at football, we started excavating at the dining room table, until I could no longer cope with the large amount of clay dust going everywhere. As the sun was shining we took our project outside and this was much better and far easier to clean up. This was a really good kit, it took us about an hour from start to finish and I did need to help Ben to get some of the pieces out of the clay as his hands were getting a bit tired. We then washed all the pieces and it was easy to put the model together.


When Will got back from football he was really excited to start his own excavation project so I set him up with his kit. For whatever reason poor Will got the harder kit, it was really hard to find all the pieces for the dinosaur and they seemed to be lumped together and at odd angles. Even my hand was hurting by the time we had all the pieces, Will was very happy with the end result however and the dinosaur went together really easily.


So there we have it three new dinosaurs for our collection.


On Sunday morning the boys found some little lego kits that they’d received as presents and we started building these before we’d even got out of bed. According to the boys it was really important that we did this immediately before anything else.


This then moved onto lego sticker books, which is a favourite in our house at the moment and you can get them for a reasonable price off Amazon. It keeps the boys amused for hours and is useful to take with me to any doctors/physio appointments to keep the boys quiet. Followed by an episode of Ninja Warrior, which we all think is awesome, we were then ready to get up and face the day.

This afternoon we headed into Christchurch, there was a festival on an a lot of the roads and car parks were closed. We parked at Tuckton and got on the little boat over to Christchurch which was really nice. We wondered around the fair and the boys played in the park for a couple of hours. After the boat ride back to the car we stopped in at the Toby Carvery on the way home. Both Ben and I left hardly able to walk we’d eaten so much, will we never learn!


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