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Rain Rain Go Away

We’ve had a busy day today, with the rubbish summer weather we’ve been having I tried to get all those jobs done so that when the sun does eventually come out we’re not stuck inside missing it!

We started off by taking the kittens for their 2nd vaccinations, won’t be long now until they are allowed outside. The vet recommended we get them spayed and neutered first, so maybe another month. I’ll be happy not to have the cat little anymore with my heightened sense of smell! It’s much easier taking kittens for vaccines than babies they didn’t even flinch and seemed quite happy with the whole thing.


Midwife check

Next I had the 16 week check today, we had to put it back a week as my midwife was on holiday last week. I took the boys with me as I thought it would be nice for them to hear the heartbeat, hopefully it makes it more real for them to imagine the baby growing inside me.

All went well in the check, the blood tests and nuchal test that I’d had done previously had come back fine so that’s a relief. We discussed having a whooping cough vaccine and a flu vaccine around 28 weeks. I don’t remember having these vaccines when I had the boys but happy to have them this time if it protects the baby.

It took the midwife a few goes to locate the babies heartbeat. There’s a lot of room for the little bean to hide and she said that my placenta is anterior so that wasn’t making it very easy to find. We did eventually get to listen to it and it was around 150bpm so not a great clue as to whether it’s a boy or a girl! It’s fun this guessing game though.

The midwife is also referring me to an anaesthetist to discuss pain relief in labour. We’re still going for a ‘normal’ delivery but I’m really against having an epidural or a spinal block based on past experience. I don’t have the confidence that it will be easy to get the needle into my spine at the correct place due to the fusion and the scar. I would like to meet with the anaesthetist to discuss alternatives, if I have to have a c-section for whatever reason I would prefer a general anaesthetic. If I need an assisted delivery then the consultant mentioned a PCA pump instead of an epidural which I’d like to understand more about.

School Uniform Shopping

Yawnnnn, I hate this job! Last year I put this off until the last week of the holidays only to find that M&S had no school uniform left in stores, this year I’m much more organised. This still consisted of going to 3 different shops though, Stevensons for the branded school items at an eye-watering price. Then off to good old M&S for the staple trousers, shirts and PE shorts, they are fantastic quality and last really feel for a good price. Lastly into Clarks, I have to say the staff are fantastic and cope really well when they have a shop full of kids waiting and running around. Last year I bought the school shoes elsewhere and they didn’t last anywhere near as well as Clarks, I really regretted not paying the extra and getting better quality. Did you know if Clarks shoes fall apart before your child outgrows them, they will replace them for free! That’s a great guarantee, especially with my boys who are really hard on their shoes.

Hoping that the weather starts to clear up and we can start having some more holiday fun in the outdoors over the weekend.

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