17 Weeks Pregnant


How the little bean has developed;

  • I’m now the size of an orange
  • I’m 13cm long from crown to rump
  • I weigh 4.94oz and am in the middle of a growth spurt, I’m the same size as the placenta
  • I can now start to make out different flavours, my taste buds are really working
  • My bones are starting to harden and are less rubbery
  • You might start to feel me moving around very soon – well I hope so…

Mummy update

I’ve been feeling more human this week and gradually getting more quality sleep, well for the last few days anyway! It’s amazing how a bit more sleep can make you feel more human and altogether a much nicer person. I’m still finding that normal day to day activities are getting harder, I’m out of breath walking up hills so goodness knows how I’ll be coping in the third trimester. The last week I’ve been focusing on doing things at a slower pace at home and taking it a bit easier. Don’t think I’ve felt the baby move yet although I maybe confusing excess gas and baby movements, can’t be sure at this stage!

Day to Day life

We’ve had a good last week and have finally had some good weather which always makes me happy. Saturday we had a nice relaxing day at the beach and the boys played in the water, trying out a friends surfboard. Then Sunday and Monday we spent a couple of days in London which was great fun. We had a big holiday at Easter this year so had no plans to go away again, it’s nice to visit different areas and do the tourist thing. We’re so lucky to have lots of great sites and activities in the UK not too far away.

Back update

Well not a great update or much positive progress from last week. On Thursday I started to get a numbness in my right calf, while this doesn’t worry me it’s just annoying and feels like pins and needles. Eventually this went away after about 24-48 hours but just served as a wake up call that maybe I need to make some lifestyle changes.

After discussing this with the physio I ordered a maternity belt from amazon to help stabilise my back, this one is great as is in two pieces and is actually comfortable, it also has an additional strap to go over the bump when it gets bigger. I know I look so stylish!


We had to get the crutches out of the garage for our London trip. I knew this would be more walking and standing than normal and was worried about how my back would hold up. It’s a good thing that I took the crutches with me, I wouldn’t have managed to get around without them. My back was certainly painful, it feels like a burning sensation in the area where my pelvis and spine join, when I do too much.

Lastly I had a meeting with the spinal surgeon yesterday as it’s 6 months since they removed the metalwork. Ideally he’d be doing an xray now to get a new baseline view of my spine but this isn’t possible at the moment, I’ll get this done when the baby is safely here. We spoke about the pregnancy and he’s not worried that it will do any lasting damage to my back or cause the spondyolisthesis to return. He advised me to take things easy and no more London trips! He also said that the numbness in my legs that comes and goes isn’t a big concern, they know there is a lot of room around my spinal cord now. I should only be concerned if I notice bowel and bladder problems or foot drop, trust if this happens I’ll be straight on the phone! When we discussed labour, the view was that if I can have a ‘normal’ delivery that would be preferable over a c-section as it will keep my core strong.

I’ve definitely been in more pain this last week but I’m still just taking paracetamol and using heat/ice packs. These are great when I’m at home but not so practical in the office or out and about. The maternity belt is helping and I’m keeping the crutches on hand incase I need them.

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