Illness, soup & Sherlock – #littleloves 3/52

    illness, soup & sherlock

    These weeks are going way to quickly this year. Unfortunately we seem to have this lingering illness hanging over our house. Darcey has been off colour but maybe that’s more teething. Ben has been super moody and tired, I’m expecting him to get ill. Will has been off school ill with a temperature and sore throat and to be honest I feel a bit pants too. But we’re going to power through this, I’m a mum I have no time to be ill at the moment.


    I know he’s poorly when he falls asleep on the sofa in the middle of the day.


    The boys and I finished reading the Famous Five book 12 we mentioned last week. On Tuesday we went upstairs for an earlyish story and read the last 3 chapters in one go. Hubby had to put off cooking dinner until we could finish the book. Well you can’t put it down with only a few chapters to go!

    The boys have been reading First News which we did a review on this week here. They feel very grown up reading a kids newspaper and have been sharing all the facts with me they’ve learnt.

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