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    WaterWipes – take care of your baby’s skin


    I first heard about WaterWipes when I was pregnant with Darcey. I did a little bit of research into the brand and liked that they were recommend for use on newborn skin. At this point I was pregnant with baby number 3. I was fully aware that the whole cotton wool and water on newborn skin is just a hassle. Baby is crying waiting to be changed and I’m running the warm water in the night trying not to spill it everywhere! So being the ‘wonderful’ practical mum that I am, I wanted a product that would make my life easier in the first newborn stage. WaterWipes were one of the first baby products I bought.


    Right just missing the baby …

    Darcey is now 13 months old and we are still using WaterWipes and the reason is they are amazing. Initially I had bought them to make my life easier but I also didn’t want to damage my daughter’s delicate skin. As she is baby number three I have tried lots of brands of baby wipes and these are completely different. Continue Reading

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